Battle Tactics Soccer Academy Origins


Serving my Community

Coach Trey has served the Duval County Public Schools as a Math Teacher for the Bridge to Success Academy since 2013. During that time he has also coached primarily on the Northside of Jacksonville.  He has seen first hand the potential greatness of his community, now he wishes to serve them further.


Pain of Loss...

It  was easy to see the difference in playing ability between  the teams coach Trey was coaching and teams that had local youth organizations that specialized in soccer skills.  Coach Trey struggled to find ways to win against schools located in  places that trained soccer sills from a young age. He decided he would find a way to feed into his high school program. He  would target the younger teams to recruit soldiers.


Having now gone into the elementary and  middle school seeing that the issue was still the same.  That is when Battle Tactics Academy was born. Coach Trey wants to provide a way for the Northside to become competitive in the soccer game by fostering collaboration inn the community. In effect raising the level that Jacksonville plays soccer as whole.

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