BTA Soccer Programs

For our first program the bulk of the training will be done by coach Trey Brown. Program direction will be based on the amount of registration. We are currently looking for interested trainers wanting to pass along their own brand of fire! Be sure to send us your information in the contact section!

BTSA Soccer Programs Fall 2019

BTSA Pre School



ยท player age level U5-U7

ยท Get great exercise while learning how to play soccer!

ยท Parents have the option of getting involved in training!

ยท Learn to teach your kid soccer skills at home!

ยท Training once per week and game on weekends!

ยท 8 week soccer education program!


BTSA Developmental League



BTSA Developmental League Goals

ยท kids age level U8-U15!

ยท Train ball mastery foot skills, strength and agility, and learn to play the game!

ยท Training two times per week with game on weekends!

ยท 8 week developmental league with league champion!


BTSA Battle League



ยท player age level U15-U19!

ยท Targeting high school players wanting to learn skills!

ยท Train ball mastery footskills and fitness!

ยท Train technical touch and combination play!

ยท 8 week developmental league to serve as preseason for Duval County Soccer!